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Crystalaire Coming Events

March 2 Birthday Night *reservations required
March 3 Llano "Winter" Open - Open 'T'
CWGA Meeting @ 3 pm
March 4 Couples - Open 'T'
March 5 60+ League @ Victoria
March 7 Burbank CC Golf - 10 am - 1st tee
March 10 Skins
Westwinds Golf - 11 am - 20 players
Trivia Night *reservations required
March 11 Daylight Saving Time Begins (set your clocks ahead 1 hr. Saturday Night)
March 13 Ladies Team @ Antelope Valley
Boys Golden League - 1:30 pm - 9 holes
March 15 Boys Golden League - 1:30 pm - 9 holes
March 17 St. Patrick's Green Ball Tournament
St. Patrick's Dinner Karaoke *reservations required
March 18 Sri Lanka Tournament - 1 pm - 50 players
March 20 Taco Tuesday *reservations required
March 22 Ladies' Guest Day
March 23 Birthday Night *reservations required
March 24 Skins
Men's President's Cup Rnd. 1 - 9 am
Shootout #1
March 25 Men's President's Cup Rnd. 2 - 9 am
March 27 Ladies' Team Play @ Spring Valley Lake
March 28 Men's Guest Day
Pasta Night *reservations required
March 29 60+ League - 11 am shotgun - 32 players
March 30 Good Friday
*Call (661) 944-2111 for information about reservations or assigned Tee Times.

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Crystalaire Country Club offers many different classifications of Membership. Our purpose is to have a Membership Classification with all the privileges that you may desire. You may pick and choose between all our amenities and decide upon a Membership Classification that fits your needs. When you call us and talk to our Membership Sales Director Mary Ann Blakely, she will be able to answer all your questions and determine which Membership is best suited for you! We are offering for a limited time, a great opportunity to discover Crystalaire Country Club with our Crystalaire Preview membership--your opportunity to preview all Crystalaire has to offer at a very favorable discounted price. Call today (661) 944 2111!

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